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Fri 18 Apr 2014

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Events 2013 now up

Events 2013 now up

Events 2013 now up

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1372706104.jpgLee 'Pasty' Harvey gives us the lowdown on his recent appointment as Olympic Kitesurf Coach for a national team...

After working for years as a Sailing and Windsurfing coach, more recently I have been working hard to promote the advantages of coaching to kitesurfers.  Sadly there has not been much uptake in the UK, yet I have not given up as I believe every kitesurfer, from those who only go on weekends to ones that compete on the World Tour, can benefit from coaching. It’s not just the top level Freestylers and Racers but riders across all of our disciplines - especially Freeriding and Waveriding - who will reap huge rewards from just a few hours with a qualified and insured British Kitesports Coach. I have continued to offer coaching courses, write articles for magazines and release videos to provide hints and tips across all disciplines and people around the world are starting to take note. It felt amazing at the 2012 Race Worlds to be thanked at the airport by the Estonia race team for teaching them to tack via my video on Youtube!

All of this work has now lead to a job with the Qatar Olympic Federation to prepare their kitesurfers for the Olympics in 2020. To start with its just a few weeks getting them on the right path turning ex dinghy racers into Kiteracers with more work to come in the coming years and more once Kitesurfing is officially in the Olympic Games. With the benefits of coaching being seen across all sports around the world, I really encourage all Kitesurfers in the UK, whatever your level to have a few hours coaching, you will be amazed how much you improve!

For details of my upcoming clinics see the website www.pastyadventures.co.uk

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 March 2014 05:50

Blast Kiteboarding 'Frozen Jam' 2014

So as we are now in the depths of winter we have  little to look forward to in the way of kiting...just numb fingers and toes but at least the beaches will be empty, however there is one thing to look forward too...The annual Blast Frozen Jam!

That's right, the good folk at Blast Kiteboarding are donning their winter thermals and gathering as many like minded (crazy) people to join them in the tropical waters of Porthcawl on the weekend 15-16th February.

To find out more about the event, visit Blast's website, here: www.blastkiteboarding.co.uk


Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 17:48

Parakart Association (PKA) affiliates to British Kitesportspkalogohighres2.jpg

We're incredibly pleased to announce that the Parakart Association (PKA) has now affiliated to British Kitesports.

As a British Kitesports Affiliated Club, PKA members can now enjoy the same benefits as all other British Kitesports members.  Kitebuggiers can also now join the PKA through our online membership system.

The PKA have led the way in UK kitebuggy racing for 11 years so we're excited to be working with them to grow and support the sport in the coming years.

To learn more about the PKA and their upcoming events, visit www.parakartassociation.co.uk

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 17:38

British Kitesports Instructor Revalidation courses - Spring 2014

British kitesports are hosting two spring revalidation courses for instructors to revalidate their instructor license.  It is a requirement to revalidate your instructor license every three years to keep up to date with current best practice.


 - April 5th Poole

 - April 27th Camber sands


For more information and to book your place, contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call: Andy Gratwick, Head of Training on 07980 577893

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 16:25

Another month, another update from the Brit who never stops!  Read on for Lewis's latest news...

"The conditions at home in Worthing were superb during December. It was lovely to reconnect with the ocean on my lewintro.1local beaches and spend some more time with the community. Here's my latest from the month of December…"

Herne Bay Junior School visit

hernebayFor the 3rd year in a row I drove over to Herne Bay Kent to visit the children of Herne Bay Junior School. I spoke to them about looking after the environment and how Green Energy is really important. Herne Bay is home to one of the largest offshore Wind Farms in the UK so the children are very wised up when it comes to clean energy.

After the talk we headed out to the field where conditions were perfect to fly my 9m Best GP where I could show the kids some action. This photo here shows my last slide of the presentation, it really drives home the message of keeping the World Happy!

Hove Park School

My second school visit of the month took me to Hove Park School. It was the first time I have been there and I was blown away by hoveparkhow well they received me. I had my own private space marked out next to the Head Teacher and everything! The students were in High School so I themed my talk on my journey since School to where I am now. I love to talk about how many possibilities there are in terms of your career choices and how its ok to be unsure what it is you really want to do. Just stay passionate with something and it could well become something you do for a living.

Kiting at home

December saw some amazing conditions in my hometown. Worthing is fast becoming one of the best places to Kitesurf in the country and the run up to Christmas is always my favourite. I never like to leave for winter before January as 1) I love Christmas with my Family and 2) The Kiting at this time is my favourite. It's so good that I don't thinkwave twice on riding a 4 mile downwinder from the local Kite Spot to my Parents place. When one wave finishes another begins and you just can't stop. Here's one of my favourite shots of the year (thanks Ant!) I feel that trying to become the same height as the kite is the ultimate feeling when riding Wake Style.

Hunstanton clinic

Even though the temperatures were declining, I performed a Clinic with the keen kitesurfers of Hunstanton.hunstanton2 I love the community up there, its no short distance (3.5 Hours each way for the day) but the kitesurfers are so positive and I always have a great time. This was the first clinic which I could go all out interactive. Filming the guys with the GoPro Camera and then reviewing the footage after on the new screen in my van. It really makes a difference when explaining what they are doing right (and wrong!) Thanks CBK Hunstanton for helping me arrange can't wait to see you guys in Spring.

coverKitesurf Magazine NL article

In the latest Issue Kitesurf Magazine.nl featured an article with me on all the things I get up to over the year. Thank you Simone for spending a lot of time with me, getting to know me and producing a great piece. It's not always I get to talk to Editors in the back of the van over a tea and in this case this fittingly happened in Holland over one of the KTE Events.

That's my latest, right now I'm in Cape Town for the Winter- It's going great I'll tell you all about it in the next update. Lew


"I had a great in time November visiting more Schools and also Asia for the first time! South Africa is just around the corner now but the conditions at home are at there best this time of year. Here's my latest from the month of November...." 

Broadwater C.V. School Visit

I first visited Broadwater C.V School about 4 or 5 years back. Since then this is the 3rd time I've been. I focused schoolthe Assembly on staying healthy and being passionate about something. Children in First schools are so engaging they really love the colours of the kites, the videos and images and all my gear that I bring in.
At such a young age they don't hold back on shouting and cheering when they like something, I really like that as the older kids can be a bit more reserved sometimes and need a different approach. Thanks for having me Broadwater C.V!


China World Course Racing Championships

I have a big World Map on the wall of my Bedroom with every place I have visited highlighted and also the places I want to see. China has always been on the map and I finally made it out there to report for The Kiteshow at the IKA Course Race World Championships.  The event was held in the amazing resort of King Bay in BOAO (The Island of Hainan) Competitors came from all over the world to represent there countries in china
a format which is slightly different then what I am used to 'Racing'. Racing is really taking off and has attracted lots of people from the Sailing World. It really is something watching 50 kiters all packed in tight for the start of the race with Tangles and crashes everywhere. I even managed to get on the Mic pictured above with Richard who was superb at translating for the local people what I was saying in English.

The Kite Tour Asia were one of the event partners and were my first inspiration to get out to Asia. So much seems to be going on out there with Kitesurfing really taking off, I look forwards to getting more involved with this tour and travelling back to Asia. During my time over in China i managed a few days in Hong Kong which was incredible, like being in the future I thought.



If you can cast your minds back all the way to my May Update you will remember that I undertook a small video project with ICENI Water. Iceni vidThis year we have built a great partnership as we share very similar values and I love promoting to people the importance of drinking water. Through the video me and Brett exchanged places for the day- I went to the factory to see his world and Brett came to the beach to see mine. I won't say any more watch the video here and remember drink more water!

Thank you United Magic for the production.


Virgin Kitesurfing Armada - RNLI Presentation

The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada was a real success this year and great things are still coming from it. During the last weekend of November it was time to present our Cheque to the RNLI for £10,000. All the local kitesurfers gathered on Lancing Beach to show there support for RNLI. It's essential that we build a great relationship with these guys as they are often first to the scene if we need help on water and they do such a great job looking after everyone in general. Thanks Eunice for the Photo.rnligiving

So thats in for November, if anybody ever needs more detail or higher res images just drop me an email.

See you Next Month, Lew


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