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Sun 01 Feb 2015
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Members & Instructors Insurance Summary

Kite Surfing, Power Kiting, Kite Buggying, Land Kite Boarding, Kite Skiing, Snow Kite Boarding and Kite Cats.

12 months cover from date of joining or renewing membership (any one trip outside the UK limited to 180 consecutive days of cover)

Liability Cover

Insurer:   Zurich Insurance plc

Limits of Indemnity: £ 5 million

Third Party Property Damage £50 each & every claim
Professional Indemnity £ 250 each & every claim

Territorial Limits:

To access a copy of the policy document, click here

'Only section G – Public & Products Liability of the policy is operative'

Personal Accident Cover

Underwritten by certain syndicates at Lloyd’s and administered by Accident & Health Underwriting Ltd

Operative Time:

The insured person(s) will be covered only whilst:
a. Participating in Power Kiting, Kite Buggying, Land Kite Boarding, Kite Skiing, Kite Surfing, Snow Kite Boarding and Kite Cats.
b. Taking part in events organised by the Assured.
c. Taking part in any social activity organised by the Assured.

Policy Benefits:

1. Death                                                                                                                  £10,000  
2. Permanent total loss of sight of one or both eyes                                                    £10,000
3. Loss of one or more limbs                                                                                     £10,000
4. Permanent total loss of speech                                                                               £10,000
5. Permanent total loss of hearing in one ear                                                               £  4,000
6. Permanent total loss of hearing in both ears                                                            £10,000
7. Permanent total disablement                                                                                  £10,000 
(other than loss of sight, limb, speech or hearing)

Territorial Limits:

Worldwide but excluding the following countries:
Afghanistan, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Ivory Coast, 
Nigeria, Pakistan (other than Punjab and Sind Provinces), Palestinian Territories, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

“This policy provides personal accident cover only. Section B of the linked policy wording is not operative and therefore travel insurance is not included as part of membership.”

To access a copy of the policy document, click here

The information provided is intended to be a summary of the insurance protection provided to the members and instructors of the BKSA. Cover is subject to the terms and conditions of insurers full policy wordings which can be accessed by clicking on the above links.

The BKSA and its affiliated Associations and Clubs also carry additional insurance protection relating to their own activities, details of which can be provided upon request.

The instructor insurance policy available via the BKSA is intended to provide insurance protection to individual instructors of the above detailed sports. In addition to providing cover for your activities as an instructor the policy also provides cover for your own participation in the sports. The policy provides cover for you as an individual instructor and will indemnify you personally against the risks insured, it is not a school or club insurance policy as should you operate a school or club you must take out insurance cover in the name of your school or club. The policy does not provide cover for employees of instructors. The Personal Accident cover applies to you as an individual instructor, it does not cover the people you are teaching.


It is important that all incidents that may give rise to a claim, however minor, are reported to our insurance broker Apollo Insurance as soon as possible after the event. This will enable them to carry out investigations at an early stage, and ensure that affiliated clubs and members comply with the policy terms and conditions.

In NO circumstances should you admit liability or agree to pay for any damage caused, and any third party correspondence received should be sent to  Apollo Insurance immediately.

Other Insurances

All other forms of insurance cover are available from the our insurance brokers;

Apollo Insurance

12 Warner Street, Accrington, BB5 1HN

Tel: 0845 180 0028  Fax: 0845 180 0048  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

“Apollo Insurance, Zurich Insurance plc and Accident & Health Underwriting are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.”


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