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Tue 27 Jan 2015
Join the BKSA

Renewals: Members can now rejoin prior to there memberships expiring enewal. Login and then purchase your membership via the 'Join the BKSA' link as normal.

{xtypo_alert}Multiple memberships: If you wish to purchase more than one membership you now can do it on same email address however each member will require all info to be completed 

Join online using our secure WorldPay payment gateway and get one year of insurance cover instantly. All major cards accepted.


  • £5 Million 3rd Party Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident cover (See POLICY)
  • Worldwide cover with exceptions (See POLICY)
  • Recognised by most landowners
  • Policy - Zurich
  • Cover - flying any kite on water or land, kitesurfing, kitelandboarding , snowkiting, buggying and powerkiting
  • The correct insurance to compete in any BKSA approved event
  • Membership is open to any nationality, not just British
  • Get a membership card and joining pack (including stickers and harness tag)
  • The right to vote at AGM meetings
  • Regular newsletters via e-mail
  • Membership from only £28

Membership of the BKSA is more than just insurance. By becoming a BKSA member you are actively supporting the funding of our activities:

  • Access - keeping the beaches open
  • Education of sport to all - councils, national bodies
  • School Inspections / Standards
  • Instructor Training
  • Supporting local Clubs
  • Events - running the British championships
  • Juniors - supporting youth development
  • Website - A huge resourse for new riders
  • Promotional material - Guide to ride and more
  • Advertising
  • Beach signage

The BKSA Membership System

Members can now log in at any time to see their membership renewal date or to update contact information. A major benefit of the new system is that membership numbers are now persistent, meaning that the number which members are assigned at the time of creating an online account will stay with them for life.

Local Clubs

You can also join a kitesurf club when joining the BKSA from just an additional £5 per annum. We will then give them an additional £5 back on top - spending your money locally on the beach.
For details of all the regional clubs see the clubs page.
The BKSA is actively encouraging and supporting regional clubs to form - we are here to help.
Clubs are the lifeblood of the sport insureing a local point of contact for any issues that may arise locally.
Councils and bodies prefer to talk to clubs as apposed to individuals.


  • Individual membership £38 per year
  • Student membership £33 per year
  • Juniors £28 per year
  • Instructor insurance £115 per year (this also includes individual membership) more details at bottom of page
  • Family Membership £105 per year (a family consists of two adults and any number of children under 18 years old who live at the same address)


  • Liability Cover Max Age - no limit
  • Personal Accident cover Max Age 75
  • Minmum Age - no limit
  • Junior under 18 years old on day of membership
  • Student - 18 years or over in full time education

Please note: In the event of a claim or incident please report immediately.

The BKSA is a not-for-profit association organised as a company limited by guarantee. By joining the BKSA you agree to become a member of the company. The company has limited liability but as a member you do agree to contribute up to £1 to the company if it is wound up and cannot meet its liabilities.


This is for instructors that are either -
Working in Schools or working non- commercially in an Educational facility or Club

Sole Traders

The Instructor Membership is also available to Sole Traders ( ie not employing anyone ) who have become BKSA schools
So to become a Recognised School ( which includes inspection)  and have Sole Trader Liability Insurance the total fee is now

Insurance valid only on Recognised School status approval


As a BKSA coach you can purchase BKSA instructor membership and operate commercially running coaching courses and clinics in accordance with BKSA coaching  Follow guidelines for coaching, risk assessments, first aid/eap's, ratios, locations, rescue provision etc.

A summary of the policy can be seen HERE with links to main policy (with the small print )


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