About the British Kitesports Association

British Kitesports is the National Governing Body, or ‘NGB’ for kitesurfing and other kitesports in the UK. We are the only UK body to invest in the long term growth and sustainability of all kitesports in Britain. We work non-stop to ensure a future for all kitesports disciplines and participants. Our work encompasses a huge range of areas and that includes keeping beaches and other flying sites open.


Other work we do includes:

  • Management of the UK schools network with regular inspections and re-validation of instructors
  • Training UK (and overseas) instructors to the highest standards
  • Provision of 3rd party public liability insurance to members, helping to ensure responsible participation
  • Meeting with Councils, land owners and local authorities to ensure kitesports are represented locally
  • Running the British Championships
  • Supporting local Clubs to promote grass-roots participation and development
  • Youth training programmes to develop young riders and offer advancement to national and international competition
  • Promotion of safe participation through regular magazine and online adverts
  • Working with Sport England, ROSPA, Surf Life Saving GB, Surfing GB and the Sports & Recreation Alliance
  • Coordinating media contacts to ensure kitesports are seen positively and regularly by the British public

And that’s just some of the list! In reality, most UK kiters see only a small part of our work but are generally very relieved when we step in to support them in retaining access to their favourite flying site.


The Association has come along way since its beginnings in 1999.  On April 16th 2010 the British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA) were granted status as the National Governing Body (NGB) for kitesurfing by Sport England, Sport Scotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland.  In 2012, the BKSA was renamed in order to reflect the ever growing scope of our work.  The new name adopted was the British Kitesports Association, more commonly referred to as ‘British Kitesports’.

British Kitesports is incorporated as a non-profit Company Limited by Guarantee.  This legal status offers greater protection to our members than if we were simply a registered association.  British Kitesports’s remit is ever growing and, as a progressive organisation focussed on furthering the interests of our members and all kitesports participants, we continually look for new ways to deliver on our core objectives, of:

  • Promoting safe kiting practices and the importance of qualified instruction for all new participants
  • Gaining and maintaining access to kiting locations for all UK kiters
  • Promoting all kitesports disciplines to the media, local & national government and to the British public
  • Training and development of instructors and the British Kitesports Recognised Schools network
  • Supporting and adding to our national network of British Kitesports Affiliated Clubs
  • Promoting grassroots participation through our cubs network
  • Running the national championships
  • Establishing launching & landing and riding zones with every council/ landowner where possible
  • Forging links with national and International bodies
  • Identifying and developing talented kiters nationally
  • Maintaining strong links with the kitesports industry