How we do what we do… and how we hope you’ll represent kitesports

British Kitesports is the ‘working’ name of the British Kitesports Association.  The Association is incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation and is registered in England and Wales as a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG.).  This CLG status affords our members added legal protection and helps us in undertaking the important work we do.

Our Articles of Association are the rules under which we operate.  They define how we work, how we interact with our members and other stakeholders and they help us to ensure that everything we do is is clear, transparent and fair.  ‘The Articles’ as we call them are different to our Code of Conduct.  The Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines that we ask anyone working with us to think about and to always try and behave in keeping with.  The Code is really there to help us all support each other, stay safer and have more fun when kiting or doing anything related to kiting.

Like any rulebook, our Articles do sometimes need updating and any proposed changes are always shared with our members before each Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’), so everyone gets a chance to consider them before voting.  The AGM is where most major decisions are made about how we operate the Association and how we set our objectives for the coming year/s.  For that reason, the AGM is the most important chance each year for members to have a say in what we do and how we do it.

You can read The British Kitesports Articles of Association here

You can read The British Kitesports Code of Conduct here