Kiteboarding in Exmouth continues to grow and since the first pioneers hit the water over 5 years ago there has been an increasing number of riders enjoying the vast potential Exmouth has to offer.
Whether it´s flat water blasting on the estuary, playing in the waves off the sandbar or going for the latest handle-pass moves, we hope you´ll enjoy your time on the Exe.

We´ll be adding all the local and national kiteboarding news to our site as soon as it happens and welcome any contributions. The forum is up-and-running so use it to share your own news and views or to make any suggestions about the exe-kiteboarders site and kitesurfing in Exmouth

Safety and awareness are central to Exmouth´s long-term future as one of the UK´s best kiteboarding locations and the founders of exe-kiteboarders are passionate about protecting their right to ride. If you are planning to visit Exmouth for your first tentative steps on the water or are already up and riding then please read and abide by the code of conduct, which has been developed in association with the Exe Estuary Management Partnership and is based on common sense and co-operation – fools will not be tolerated.

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Website: www.Exe-kiteboarders.co.uk