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Kite sports inspire, motivate, captivate and change peoples lives on so many levels … but how and why?

The KiteRight charity aims to explore how and why kite sports make that difference to so many peoples lives by on two levels.

Firstly encouraging access to ALL kite sports for individuals of all ages who have physical, mental health or learning challenges. Promoting acceptance, integration, involvement and a sense of self worth and achievement. KiteRight will also encourage these individuals where possible to leave a lasting legacy for others but becoming instructors in their own right.

KiteRight will also be involved in and commission clinical research projects to show how kite sports can make a measurable difference to peoples lives and to explore if kite sports can be made into a recognised therapy.

Are we about working with people with disabilities? – Yes

Are we about working with people with sensory loss? – Yes

Are we about working with people with mental health issues? – Yes

Are we about working with children and young adults? – Yes

Are we about working with disadvantaged and disengaged people? – Yes

We are about working with EVERYONE and using kite sports to make a real, measurable and meaningful difference to peoples lives, wellbeing and futures.

High hopes ? Impossible dreams ? Unachievable goals ? … Many may think so…

So be part of something special and lets prove the cynics wrong and show that the kiting community, national and international can push for social change, acceptance and support for the many who would not normally be able to access the sport.
Kiteright Charity

The charity is based in Bournemouth but aims to work across the UK, we have no staff and no premises. Every penny donated goes to helping others.

You have the option when you join the BKSA or renewing your membership to join KiteRight (we are on the drop down menu with all the clubs) if you do not have a local club to support or you would rather support a kite sport related charity.

This is free, and £5 of your subscription to the BKSA will then goto KiteRight and you can be part of something special.

Thank you


You can contact the Chairman Gary Hawkins at [email protected] if you have any questions, or would like to get involved in any way !