Student Kitesurfing Association (SKA)

What is the Student Kitesurfing Association?

The Student Kitesurfing Association (SKA) is run by a committee of students and ex-students who have been involved with the running of their respective university kitesurfing clubs. The committee were selected for their knowledge of kitesurfing, and their commitment to developing the face of student kitesurfing. We are not a commercial venture, and therefore our goal is not to make money, or a salary. We run the SKA out of our passion for the sport and a desire to improve it. The SKA has grown from being a minor branch of the Student Windsurfing Association into an association in its own right. We do not ask for any subscription fee; any member of the BKSA who is studying at an NUS University or College is automatically eligible to participate in the SKA. At this point in time, we are in contact with around 20 kitesurfing clubs from various universities around the UK, and are currently helping members at other universities to start their own clubs.

What the SKA stand for

The goal of the SKA is to introduce and further what is not just a sport but a lifestyle to university students. We aim to make the sport of kitesurfing as accessible as possible for students who do not necessarily have the means or the knowhow to get started on their own. We currently help beginners into the sport by subsidising tuition at our beginner events whilst providing a competitive base and improvement scheme for our more advanced riders at our Freestlye Nationals and intermediate clinics. Our vision is to provide access for all our members to cutting edge equipment in a wide variety of conditions and environments, whilst maintaining a safe learning environment and the opportunity to advance their skill levels. Website: Contact: Click Here