North Somerset – Wind, Wheels and Waves

Welcome to North Somerset – Wind, Wheels and Waves

We are a power kite traction club dedicated to promoting this fast growing sport in Weston Super Mare. We are an affiliated BKSA club and can be found listed as North Somerset.

Due to the Bristol Channel having the second largest tidal range (rise and fall) in the world, Weston offers a unique place to kite buggy, landboard and kitesurf depending on the winds, tide and your mood. Wind Wheels & Waves offers you the opportunity to do all three in one club with one insurance. Since we are also part of the BKSA you also have the opportunity to go further afield – see the BKSA website for more detail.

Our members are a friendly diverse bunch, young and old, from all walks of life. Our only aim is to have fun. We can often be found at the Uphill end of the beach and meet on a Tuesday evening after 6pm during British Summer Time daylight saving time. Please feel free to come and join us.

If you want to have a go at power kiting then please contact UFO Powerkites ( or call 01934 644988). UFO are happy to let you fly a wide range of kites and have been very active in promoting this in the Weston Area. They are often down on the beach when we meet, but may also come out at othertimes by arrangement. If you want to progress to traction kiting then you will need to join a recognised club for insurance purposes.

North Somerset Council allows us to have a dedicated Windzone but does require that all users of this are members of either Wind, Wheels & Waves, SWATK or the British Land Speedsail Association. This is to ensure that users have third party insurance. Our continued use of the Windzone is dependent on us maintaining good relations and promoting safe kiting.

If you are asked to present proof of membership and/or insurance then please politely comply– remember they’re just doing their jobs.

We look forward to meeting you

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