Commitee / Board

The BKSA is the National Governing Body for Kitesurfing.The BKSA is made up of the following some roles are elected by membership at AGM,s some are appointed according to qualifications all are reviewed on a yearly basis
Executives: Dealing with the day to day running of the association
Non- Executives: Overseeing the executives
Regional Reps: First point of contact and BKSA reps for regional meetings
Training Team: Dealing with all the training requirements of the sportEvents
Events Team: Running the National Championships
Media Team: Taking the picstures and updating the website
Coaches: Running advanced Kitesports tuition
Executive Directors
Rich g bio Pet s bio
Non-Executive Directors
simon 1 will 1fred leballois_bio1david knottenbelt_bioEmma-ProutSarah-Sylvesterphil-RevilDiscpline and Complaints CommiteeWill Richardson – Chairman – Phil Revill and Sarah Sylvester


nigel coelho

Honorary Solicitor

james barabas_bioWe also have a great team in the Training and Events Department