Kite Buggy

One of the oldest kitepowered sports riders sit down and control the kites whist steering the buggy with legs

Buggies can be 2, 3 or 4 wheeled – however 3 wheels are the most common

They are made out of Alloy to keep weight down

Riders can Race or do Freestyle tricks once they have got the required skills.

  • Sizes 3 – 15 m.
  • Made of Rip stop with Dynema lines
  • Line lengths 15-30 m
  • The most common sizes however are 3.5 – 12 m.
  • The kites can be flown with a bar or handles and can have 2 lines in their simplest form to 4 lines enabling the kite to be depowered.
  • Kitebuggying – will create a pull in the arms and can be done by children as young as 10 under guidance
  • Can use Harnesses to hold more power
  • Usually done on open fields inland, parks and beaches
  • Requires flat areas to learn
  • Some riders are now riding hills
  • Can be learnt in a day
  • Great for disabled people
  • Wind Strengths 8-40 knots