Get lessons from a British Kitesports approved kitesurfing school

When you start out it’s really important to get professional tuition from a qualified instructor.

  • Without the correct instruction, kitesurfing can be a dangerous sport, so by investing in some lessons you will learn kitesports the safe way and not have to deal with the consequences of trial and error.
  • You will get up and riding quicker with proper instruction and in the long run you will save time and money too as your instructor will be able to advise you on the right equipment to buy.
  • British Kitesports qualified Instructors and the British Kitesports training scheme are renowned as among the best in the world
  • Most people can be up and riding after a 3 day course

We have around 30 British Kitesports Recognised Schools around the UK. These schools have to meet high standards to ensure that you get only the best instruction.  See the ‘Where to Learn‘ page for a full list of all UK schools, and a few abroad!

Have a look at our Teaching Scheme below

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