55 Knots on Water

Luderitiz Speed Event 2010.

First to 55 knots – Records still being smashed!

Sebastien Cattelan is the 1st to 55 knots and is the new speed sailing record holder of France and Europe with 55,49 knots (102.6 km/hr).

60 Minutes later Rob Douglas from the USA managed to set another new record of 55,65 knots.

Alex Caizergues, also from France was 3rd with 54,93 knots.

For the ladies, 2 French girls battled it out and Charlotte Consorti set new French and European Women’s Record – 50.43 knots. Sophie Routaboul was close on her heels and managed 48.64 knots (with a broken hand from crashing the previous week).

The wind was 45 knots max and the Organization decided to create a wall of sand at the end of the run to retain the water level to the minimum depth of 18cm as required by the WSSRC. Sebastien Cattelan had attempted to do this 2 weeks previously on a day of extremely strong winds, however had faced stiff opposition from certain competitors who forced him to re-open the channel and as a result the water level dropped to below the required 18cm and the race had to be abandoned. It appears that only now, in the last week of the event, do competitors realize the benefits of his foresight.

Two more Frenchmen managed to go over 50 knots – Sebastien Salerno with 54,28 knots and Sylvain Hoceini with 52,90 knots.

Taro Niehaus who held the previous South African record of 50.60 managed 50,59 knots.

Other records set on Day 10 of the event:

South Africa – Basil Cambanis: 50,75 knots and Solvinia – Jernej Privsek: 46.60 knots

We are still waiting for the WSSRC to ratify these results.