BKSA Focus on GKA’s ISO Safety – A Milestone for Kitesports Safety

The Global Kitesports Association (GKA) has achieved a milestone in kiteboarding safety with the introduction of the first-ever ISO standard in the history of kite sports. We’re proud to say that the BKSA was the first national association to support distribution of the ISO Standard from the beginning.


“The ISO Standard 21853 for quick-release systems including safety leashes will not only make kiteboarding safer, but is also highly relevant for insurance providers in the kite sports world. 

“World Sailing are already considering to allow only quick-release systems conforming to ISO Standard 21853 in the 2024 Olympic Games.

“For these reasons it is of utmost importance that national kitesports associations support the introduction of this standard and thereby help make the sport safer in general, guiding athletes and kite schools to use the safest equipment on the market.

“The GKA is very pleased to welcome the British Kitesports Association (BKSA) as the first national association worldwide supporting the distribution of the new ISO Standard 21853 from the beginning.

“When purchasing kiteboarding equipment, kite schools and consumers should look out for products carrying the GKA ISO conforming label from summer 2020.”


“I am pleased to see this positive project completed and coming into the kitesurfing market, which will make learning, practicing and competing safer worldwide. I am also delighted to have helped in its creation and thrilled for the BKSA to adopt this standard in our schools network.”

Duotone Freestyle Kit quick release

Duotone Freestyle Kit quick release

Find full details of the GKA’s ISO Standard 21853 here