AGM Slightly Postponed to 25th April

We have been waiting for a few projects to complete behind the scenes to make sure our information is as up to date as possible for the AGM and have had to postpone our meeting to the 25th of April.

Apologies for the inconvenience but we hope you can attend. Please find below links to the AGM Agenda and Board Attendance Records.

BKSA 2022 AGM Notice and agenda

Chairmans Annual Report

BKSA board meeting attendance 2021

If you are a current member, to register your attendance for the meeting please send an email to [email protected] and we will send out ‘Zoom’ meeting invites to registered members in advance of the meeting.

Biographies for BKSA re-elections 2022

Steph Bridge

Steph Bridge needs no introduction as she is one of the most successful and prolific kitesurfers the UK has ever seen. Multiple World Racing champion Stephs capabilities both on and off the water are un surpassed. She owns and runs Edge watersports in Exmouth, a long standing BKSA school and shop.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to the BKSA on events, the world circuit, and her passion for attracting youth kiters into our sport. She has made Exmouth one of the most popular sports for young kiteboarders in the last few years.

Dan Charlish

Dan is the Brainchild behind the amazing kitesurfing Armada, now Europe’s biggest kitesurfing festival. A keen kitesurfer himself alongside running his successful snowsports charity, Dan has twice been voted biggest contributor to UK kiting.

He brings a wealth of knowledge on events, charities, and general sport management to the BKSA and works closely with Andy on both BKSA events and the Armada events.

Peter Stephens

Pete is a Cornishman, he lives in beautiful restronguet near Falmouth and has been running a shop and small school for windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding since the mid 90’s.

He is a successful businessman and avid watersports enthusiast and was BKSA Wavemasters Masters Champion in 2017.

He brings a huge amount of industry knowledge and insight to the BKSA on both business and sport governance.