Ayr Kiteival

23rd – 25th September 2011

Location: Low Green, Seafront, Ayr, Ayrshire
Location Sponsor: South Ayrshire Council, Ayrshire and Aaron + Events Scotland
Tour Sponsors: King of Watersports, Ion, Palmera Local
Disciplines: Kitesurf, Kitelandboard, Kitebuggy Freestyle

The 5th round of the BKSA tour and 2nd Kiteival came to Ayr on the West Coast of Scotland with some of the country’s top riders making the long trip north to battle it out to secure their titles ahead of the finals.

Quite a few riders turned up on the Thursday afternoon just missing out on the force 6 which saw the marquee company battle with the elements in the morning.

BKS Ayr 2011 – Images by Craig Sawyer





Pro day and the wind was up varying from South to South West which made it slightly gusty – the tide dropped back on the sandy beach and the KItesurfing Freestyle was on .

The Pro Ladies were first up and with some great riding with a round robin format which meant every rider competed against each other. Nicky Rudd had a storming event winning every single heat taking her first ever podium while Hannah Whiteley ( 2 times British Champion) came in 2nd and Devon girl Sukie Robertson coming in 3rd.

The Pro Men were all using 12m kites and there were some local Scottish riders who were ready to upset the running order. The locals had a great repertoire of tricks and were riding hard with Troon boy Tommy Gaunt putting down some great tricks. However it was no surprise to see the top three with current leader Luke Whiteside taking 1st ahead of Ned Taylor and a first time for Dan Sweeney in 3rd position.

On the Land the Kitelandboarders were going huge with the gusty conditions – Greg Chilton was almost flying! Essex Duo Ash Garwood and Jack Elston were throwing down some great unhooked riding – Current champ and winner from last year Jack took first with Ash in 2nd and Greg in 3rd.


After strong winds during the night the dawn broke to a windless yet sunny day. However it was not long before the Southerly wind kicked in.

A lot of riders from all over the country registered for the event including first time Lana Cully and 53 year old Ralph Crathorne for the seniors.

Competition was fierce in all fleets in the difficult conditions – several heats had to be rerun due to the wind shifts and drops.

In the junior section Ellys Bloor rode extremely well with smooth powered riding to take the win with Robbie Shire Maidement taking 2nd after a weekend including a few trashed kites!

In the youths Sam Bull was riding well however it was Jack Daykin despite having a tangle with Will Makinson in the final minutes to take the win.

The Am Men saw some great performances from the Scottish contingent however it was the consistent Chris Foreshaw who took the win – great performance from Jack Ridel who took 2nd and Oliver Clatworthy 3rd.

Am Ladies saw the usual suspects in the final however it was not to be a Durrant at the top – Polly Carthorne took 1st with the sisters taking 2nd and 3rd

In the Seniors Ralph Crathorne made a guest appearance and in his first event and first heat came up against Peter Whiteley ( current UK Champ) – however he put in a great heat with back loop kite loop raileys and some grabs to worry Pete a bit . The final was run in a dying wind however Pete Whiteley managed to still get some great tricks down to take yet another win ahead of riders 10 years his junior!

On the land the wind was gusty however that did not stop the juniors most of whom had been on the water earlier in the day. Robbie Shire Maidement rode well to beat Ellys and Tom landing some great unhooked moves.

In the buggies Carl Kirton entered to give Phil Revill and a fun completion with lots of air being had however it was Josh Hough who took the 1st place.

The Am Men saw a great many kitesurfers taking part with British Champion Ned Taylor taking the win showing a stong powered performance in the gusty conditions

Saturday night saw a great buffet at Harleys together with the famous Rodeo Bull which saw numerous casualties! Richard Flindall held on the longest for 53 seconds!


Due to the big night on Saturday it was an agreed to have a slightly later start also with tide was very high so the start time of the Expression session was delayed till 1pm.

About 18 riders hit the water for a rider judged comp – it was great to see juniors and Pros all on the water together – there were some great riding going on in the hour from local girl Holly Kennedy however seasoned competitor Ali Barratt showed how to perform in the difficult conditions to take the King of Watersports prize.

Prize giving was made at 3 pm by the Deputy Provost Mary Kilpatrick after which the heavens opened and riders headed home .

pro women ayr pro men ayr



Kitesurf Freestyle

Pro Men
1-Luke Whiteside
2-Ned Taylor
3-Dan Sweeney

Pro Ladies
1-Nicky Rudd
2-Hannah Whiteley
3-Sukie Robertson

Am Men
1-Chris Foreshaw
2-Jack Ridel
3-Oliver Clatworthy

Am Ladies
1-Polly Crathorne
2-Danielle Durrant
3-Chloe Durrant

1-Jack Daykin
2-Sam Bull
3-Will Makinson

1-Ellys Bloor
2-Robbie Shire Maidement
3-George Dufty

1-Peter Whiteley
2-Kevin Matthey
2-Peter Jones

1-Josh Hough
2-Phil Revill
3-Carl Kirton


1-Ned Taylor
2-Wil Rose
3-Tommy Gaunt

1-Robbie Shire Maidement
2-Tom Ford
3-Ellys Bloor

Pro Men
1-Jack Elston
2- Ash Garwood
3-Greg Chilton

Thanks to all the Race Crew, Craig Media and Barefoot Media