Barrow Kite festival 2013

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July 19th– 21st

Location: Earnse Bay, Walney Island, Barrow, Cumbria
Location Sponsor: Dong Energy  
Co-Event Sponsor: North West Kitesurfing
Disciplines: Kitesurf Freestyle and Landjam

The BKSA came back to Barrow for the 6th

Weeks of high pressure felt like we are living in the Mediterranean, great for the tan not so great in the lead up to the first national competition of the season, sponsored by Dong Energy.

Pretty impressive that 35 riders made the journey to stunning Barrow in Furness for the competition.

Registration for all classes followed by the usual Friday morning breakfast feast set everyone up for the day’s action. Loads of riders had a great session of wake boarding organised by Gary Powell from North West Kitesurfing whilst others took to the water on Paddleboards to explore the coastline, land boarders and kite buggiers made the most of hard packed sand and hoards of kids turned up for the power kiting sessions by Flexifoil riders. No competition in the morning but enough wind action for all the riders and the crowds of onlookers.

Playing in the sea and on the sand came to an end when the wind started to veer to the north west and built enough for a slopestyle competition. Each competitor took their turn to ride through the competition zone in full view of the judges. With three chances to show their skill, the best two scores counted. Standout talents from the day included Robin Snuggs in the pro mens, Holly Kennedy in the pro ladies and Pete Jones in the seniors. The day rounded off with the brits eating what they love most, a huge roast, at the Ferry Hotel.

Saturday morning and another stunning hot, dry day and the wind turned to the east as forecast. Riders breakfast (yes eating again) was a good opportunity to chat through the day’s plans. The wind building from a south easterly direction tempted a few on to the water, but sadly not enough wind for a competition. A day of hanging out in the sun rounded off with a BBQ and acoustic session with Gary Powell. The restless amongst us headed off down the coast to Roa Island for a session in the lagoons at high tide, check out the photos from Ding, judges James Boulding and Ali Barrett took to the water and put on a show. As we left the beach at 10pm, we all agreed, a truly memorable evening. 

Sunday morning, opening the curtains at 6am to another, hot, dry sunny day. The wind was from the south east, but with a big high tide in the morning, riding held off until lunchtime. Another slopestyle competition was held, standout talents include George Dufty, Holly Kennedy and Pete Jones.

Slopestyle Friday  Name 
Pro Men 
1 Robin Snuggs
2 Jon Blieker
3 Richard Flindall
Pro Ladies
1 Holly Kennedy
2 Jemmima Crathorne
3 Sukie Robertson
1 Peter Jones
2 Craig Smith
3 Steve Mews 
Slopestyle Sunday 
Pro Men 
1 George Dufty
2 Jon Blieker
3 Joe Hockley
Pro Ladies
1 Holly Kennedy
2 Suke Roberston
3 Jemmima Crathorne 
1 Peter Jones
2 Peter Whiteley
3 Dan Oyston


Prize giving was done at 4pm in front of a huge crowd

Special thanks go out to Dong Energy, Gary Powell from North West Kitesurfing and all the race crew for all the efforts in hosting another fantastic event.

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