British Kitesurfing Association

(a company limited by guarantee)

Notice of Annual General Meeting
Notice is hereby given that an annual general meeting of the British Kitesurfing Association (a company limited by guarantee) will be held at The Conference Room, The Waterfront Hotel, Porthcawl, South Wales, CF36 3YR, on Saturday 19th March 2011 at 5.00 pm to transact the following business.

Please try to arrive in good time (be seated by 4.50 pm) Membership cards or membership confirmation emails will be checked on arrival.

Please find below:

Chairmans Report (pdf)

Treasurer and Financial report (pdf)

Candidate Bios (pdf)

Last AGM minutes(pdf)

Proxy Form(pdf)

Attendance record(pdf)

Proxy Form (doc.)


Minutes of 2010 AGM

1.To approve the minutes of the 2010 AGM of the BKSA and to authorisethe Chairman to sign the same.

Chairman’s report
2.To receive a report of the Chairman on the activities of the BKSA since the last AGM 

Treasurer’s Report
3. To receive a report of the Treasurer on the finances of the BKSA.

Attendance Report
4.To receive a report on the attendance of Board Directors at meetings of the BKSA since the last AGM.


Election of Officers / Directors
5. To (re)-elect as Officers of the BKSA and to appoint as Directors of the BKSA:

(a) Chairman Candidate: Richard Gowers
(b) Vice Chairman Candidate: Peter Shaw
(c) Secretary Candidate:Marc Rowley
(d) Treasurer Candidate: Jason Holland
(e) Head of Training Candidate: Andy Gratwick – (to be elected by board for the term of 2011)

Election of Non-Executive Directors
6. To elect as Non-Executive Directors of the BKSA:

Candidates:     David Knottenbelt (formerly Secretary) 
Fred Le Ballois
Ted Moir

7. Any other business

By order of the Board
David Knottenbelt

British Kitesurfing Association

1. Full and adult Family members of the BKSA whose membership is current are entitled to one vote each at the AGM (articles 3.3 and 77). The vote may be cast in person or by proxy.
2. Full and adult Family members are entitled to appoint a proxy to exercise all or any of their rights to attend, speak and vote at the meeting and you should have received a proxy form with this notice of meeting. You can only appoint a proxy using the procedures set out in these notes and the notes to the proxy form.
3. A proxy does not need to be a member of the BKSA but must attend the meeting to represent you. Details of how to appoint the Chairman of the meeting or another person as your proxy using the proxy form are set out in the notes to the proxy form. If you wish your proxy to speak on your behalf at the meeting you will need to appoint your own choice of proxy (not the Chairman) and give your instructions directly to them.
4.If you do not give your proxy an indication of how to vote on any resolution, your proxy will vote or abstain from voting at his or her discretion. Your proxy will vote (or abstain from voting) as he or she thinks fit in relation to any other matter which is put before the meeting.
5.The notes to the proxy form explain how to direct your proxy how to vote on each resolution or withhold their vote.
To appoint a proxy using the proxy form, the form must be:
·completed and signed;
·sent or delivered to the Secretary at [email protected] ; and
·received by the Company no later than 48 hours before the time fixed for the meeting.
6. Following the meeting of the British Kitesurfing Association (a company limited by guarantee) there will follow the final annual general meeting of the British Kite Surfing Association (an unincorporated association).
At this meeting the Chairman will provide a report on the transfer of the unincorporated association’s assets and liabilities to the Company and of the runoff of the association’s business.
This notice also constitutes notice of that meeting.

Richard Gowers (Chairman): [email protected]
David Knottenbelt (Secretary): [email protected]

British Kitesurfing Association
A company limited by guarantee
Registered in England and Wales under number 6978015. Registered office: 14A Albany Road, Granby Industrial Estate, Weymouth DT4 9TH.