BKSA Board members


The BKSA AGM took place on the 28th March 2009 at Hunstanton

A cool northerly blew that day enabling people to get out during the day

The AGM kicked off at 5pm with 25 people attending

The main topic was of converting the current BKSA – a not for profit Association into an Association Ltd (not for profit) by guarantee – the process was completed with 50 votes done online and 30 votes (some by proxy)

With only 1 vote against the motion was carried.

This will give the association and its members additional protection

A new Constitution was put in place and a new board duly elected –


The BKSA main Executive Committee are

Chairman – Richard Gowers
Vice Chairman – Phil Elborough
Secretary – Owen Stringer
Treasurer- Jason Holland
Head of Training – Andy Gratwick

Non Executive

Simon Mudd
Markus Hawkins
William Richardson
Ashley Overton
Chris Whittingslow
Eric Bridge