BKSA & Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Dear Kitesurfers
Due to the uncertainty caused by the rapidly evolving Coronavirus spread we thought we would share our advice from a National Governing Body perspective. I’m sure you are all aware of the current situation, although this is fluid and changing daily.
We are no health experts on pandemics, but would encourage you all to follow the Government, World Health Organisation and NHS guidelines in the links below:
We always encourage everyone to behave safely and sensibly when enjoying our sport. As a group within society we can make a little bit of difference and be of benefit if we extend this behaviour.
Kitesurfing is one of those wonderfully free and ‘self isolating’ sports for want of a better description. There are currently no regulations in place to stop anyone from going and enjoying a kite session.
So get out there and practice for sure.
However please be sensible when you are at the beach and when interacting with people and other kiters.
Schools and lessons will continue to operate as usual for the time being.
Events are still as scheduled currently and a while away so are likely to run as planned
The situation may well change in the coming weeks but for now these are the most diligent guidelines to follow.
Stay safe, be sensible, keep kiting safely as much as you can.
Andy, Louise and the team