BKSA Insurance Covid-19 Travel Cover Advice

BKSA Insurance whilst abroad…

In the event that a member travels to a country that is on the UK government ‘essential travel only list’, insurance coverage would not apply, as they have not done everything within their remit to prevent a loss and/or damage.

If they travel to a country that is exempt from that list coverage would operate normally, subject to the standard terms and conditions.

Please click on this link for the list of countries that are still ok to travel to as of today, however this advice is changing all the time and should be checked regularly.

Our Insurers state…

As per the governement advice, we would expect members not to travel to these ‘essential travel only countries’. The insurance cover would only respond in the event they are travelling to a country, which is approved by the government at the time of travel.

If a member is away in a country that was exempt from the ‘essential travel only list’ at the time of travel, but then subsequently is added to the list and requires you to quarantine on the return to the UK, insurance coverage would not respond from the time of the updated government advice.