BKSA Junior Power Kiting Scheme Approved for Schools

Get your children ready to be excited about PE again with the new Junior Power Kiting course for schools. Designed to compliment and slot neatly into the existing schools PE curriculum, the new power kiting course runs over six sessions. During these sessions, students will learn how a kite works, how to use weather conditions to their advantage, steering the kite and eventually hop on a land board using the kite to power them along.

This course is the brainchild of duo Rebecca Lippett, a BKSA power kite instructor, and school teacher, Simon Smith, also a BKSA powerkite instructor. Working with Andy Gratwick, head trainer (BKSA) they have developed the junior scheme which has been fully tested out at the newly recognised BKSA school ‘Extreme Kite Shop’ in Worcester.

Rebecca says: “Having the course approved by both the Ed Excel exam board and the BKSA has left me feeling very proud and excited at what we’ve achieved. The course fits in perfectly with the government’s initiative to get kids focussed on being fit and healthy from a young age – and of course it’s a lot of fun which if they get into it, is something that they can also do with their parents.”

Andy Gratwick, BKSA Head Trainer who has overseen the direction and implementation of the course said: “This course is just what the education system needs – It sharpens children’s concentration and teaches them not to give up. Seeing the wide smiles on their faces after a session is testament to why this course should be lapped up by schools that are interested in endorsing a fit and healthy lifestyle.”

If you’re a teacher and interested in teaching power kiting or a student/kid and you want to have a go then contact [email protected] for more details.