BKSA National Development Plan

BKSA National Development Plan 2011-2015

At our recent AGM it was mentioned we do not shout about the things we do. The BKSA developed a 5 year strategy last year which gives the association a clear path forward .

Promote safe and sustainable participation in all Kite Sports in the UK


  • Respected, effective, financially secure organisation
  • Sport England recognition as the NGB for all Kite Sports
  • Positive member feedback
  • £60K reserves

Communication and Membership services

  • Regular communication with the members
  • A range of member services
  • Top of Google search engine rankings
  • Positive (80%) member satisfaction
  • 10,000 members


  • Local access with BKSA standard seen as the benchmark
  • No location totally excluding Kite Sports Participation
  • An equitable member organisation
  • Kite Sports delivered on the national curriculum
  • 20% of members female (2000)
  • Kite Sports delivered in 40 Comprehensive Schools


  • Identified Performance Squad and Coach
  • A squad preparing for 2016 Olympic or World Championships
  • High Quality Coach and Sport Science support
  • Identified competition programme


  • High quality education courses delivered
  • All instructors qualified and supported
  • Recognised qualification by other sports and teaching bodies
  • Realised commercial opportunities