BKSA position on Rule #76

You may be aware that the International Kiteboarding Class Association (IKA) has announced that riders that take part in events prohibited by it (being KPWT events and events supervised by the IKF) under rule Racing Rules of Sailing #76 will be prohibited from entering all IKA-sanctioned events  for a period of one year.

The BKSA is aware of the confusion surrounding the ban and would like to clarify its position.

It is the intention of the BKSA to hold  four (one freestyle, one wave riding, one course-racing & one speed event) IKA-sanctioned events in 2010.

Having considered the matter carefully and in the interest of the majority of the membership, the Board of the BKSA has decided that it will uphold the ban at these four events .

Prohibited riders remain eligible to compete in all other BKSA events and the BKSA looks forward to welcoming as many riders as possible to our events in 2010.

The longstanding requirement that British riders seeking entry to BKSA events be current BKSA members remains unchanged.