BKSA WOO Challenge 2016

Another Update on the UK’s 2016 Premier League Kitesurfing competition with British Kitesports Association / WOO Sports & Kite Worldwide http://bksa.wookite.com/Height/

‘North Somerset WWW’ have stormed into the lead in the The Club Milage Championship!!!!! They have accumulated an incredible 41979 meters between their members! edging out Essex Kitesurf Club in 2nd. It’s close in the top 5!

– CBK Hayling Island top the The Club Height Championship with 13.6m (average of the five best recorded heights)

– Olly Bridge – Still Leads the way in the highest individual Boost Category (17.3m)

Remember The individual Club Height Champions and Club Milage Champions will each win a one week stay in the KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town, located near some of the best boosting spots in the world.

REMEMBER TO CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR CLUB by including your club’s abbreviation in the WOO session name e.g. “Big boost 7 Vegas LKC” would work for Lancing Kitesurfing Club.