BKSA WOO Challenge 2016

Its on! Time to grab a WOO, call your kite buddies and head to the beach. Go for glory, go big and take home The 2016 BKSA Highest Boost Award. Contribute to your local kite community by helping your club become The 2016 BKSA Club Height Champion or The 2016 BKSA Club Mileage Champion.

The British Kite Sports Association and WOO Sports have teamed up to create a BKSA club WOO Off, which they have called the UK ‘Premier League of Kitesurfing’.  For the first time, riders can now compete as a team at club level. This will add to the buzz already created by WOO since the app’s launch last year at the Red Bull King of the Air in South Africa.

As well as an award for the BKSA Highest Boosting UK individual, kiteboarding clubs around the UK will now be able to compete for two club level titles. The 2016 BKSA titles will be Club Height Champion (average of the five best recorded heights over the year) and the Club Mileage Champion, which is the cumulative total mileage of the highest five club members.


  • All participants must be active BKSA members
  • Challenge runs from Jan 1st 2016 to December 31st 2016
  • Sessions must be recorded within Great Britain using a WOO sensor.
  • Contribute to your Club by including your club’s abbreviation in the WOO session name e.g. Big boost 7 Vegas EKC will contribute towards Essex Kitesurf Club. (See leaderboards for a list of clubs and abbreviations)
  • Prizes and prize giving ceremony TBD

“The club WOO Off is a really exciting, inclusive and community challenge in kiteboarding. It is bringing together all our clubs and not just celebrating the biggest booster, but also the most hard working and consistent. I’m personally really excited to see who comes out on top at the end of the year.” – BKSA Head of Operations, Andy Gratwick

“This is something groundbreaking for sport of kitesurfing.  Kiting has always been something you do by yourself, but with this team competition, team spirit will be an essential part of taking home the crown.  We’re beyond excited to watch this unfold, and hopefully make this a global champions league soon enough!”  – Leo Koenig, CEO of WOO Sports

There are 17 official BKSA clubs around the UK, it’s free to join, and involvement with a local club is the best way to safeguard the future of kite sports in an area.

Find out more about the big WOO Off and see the leaderboards at http://bksa.wookite.com/