BKSA Woo Kite Winners!

The North Somerset Wind, Wheels and Waves club bag a double whammy for the BKSA Woo Kite Awards. 

The active and vibrant North Somerset, wind, wheels and waves BKSA club get far too much time to kitesurf, or so it seems. With their home spot of weston supermare being their favoured spot (which only works half the time being so tidal!) They managed to win both the Club mileage and individual mileage awards, showing they were the most proactive kitesurfers in the UK during 2016. 

BKSA Director Andy Gratwick took the time to visit the club and attend their AGM in Bristol this week to hand out their awards and hear all about how the club does it. 

‘It is great to see such active clubs and communities kitesurfing throughout the year on our home beaches. The guys at North Somerset wind wheels and waves are a fantastic bunch of keen kiters and an example to us all, how kitesports at all levels can simply be great fun. They are already gearing up to defend their title in 2017’

Andy Gratwick