Boscombe Reef Almost done

Construction Update 14th August 2009

Final phase of reef construction gets underway

The final construction phase of Boscombe’s artificial surf reef gets underway next week (w/c 17/08/09).

ASR’s Boscombe team, led by Rex Pollock and Andrew Moores, is focussing efforts on the continuing underwater activity.  Now that the reef is in place, this work involves fine tuning of the underwater structure, including topping up all the bags and checks to ensure the reef is constructed exactly according to the design requirements.  ASR will also remove temporary anchors and red buoys, and, crucially, undertake the final bathymetric survey of the completed reef.

Shaw Mead, ASR’s Technical Director said, “Like any major construction project, there are extensive checks to be undertaken before we can say the project is complete.  We are now starting to make all those checks thoroughly and according to the agreed specification, and I remain confident that we will finish in September as scheduled.”

Cllr Beverley Dunlop, Cabinet Member for Leisure & Tourism said, “I am very pleased that the construction of Europe’s innovative first artificial surf reef is progressing according to plan.  I look forward to hearing that the project can be officially declared complete next month – that’s when I’ll be booking my surf lessons.”

The Team has also begun to shut down the land-based construction site, dismantling their pipelines and equipment into containers, removing containers from the beach and flattening the surplus sand stockpile.  This means that much of the beach area used for construction should be back in use, in readiness for next week’s Air Festival.

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