British Kitesports seeks Event Support & Delivery provider

British Kitesports are looking for a provider of Event Support & Delivery Services.

This is an exciting opportunity to play a key part in shaping the future of UK kitesports participation and competition.  We are looking for an entity – in the form of a service provision company (Ltd.) – to help us in the planning and delivery of grass-roots kitesports and community events across the UK.

The successful service provider will demonstrate experience of event planning & delivery in a sporting or active leisure environment, along with strong commercial sensitivity and a strategic approach to all services provided.  Starting on the 2015 event season and guided by the provider for Lead Event Services, the contracted service provider will undertake all facets of the event planning and delivery process, including but not limited to:

  • Event planning and resource allocation
  • Site, risk and process assessment, management and reporting
  • Relationship management of local event partners
  • Event and Race Direction
  • Selection and management or other event officers: race directors, judges, marshals, safety and support crew
  • Account management for key event/tour sponsors and stakeholders
  • Commercial partnership and sponsorship development
  • Contribute to the communications and promotional plan, at event and tour levels
  • Active promotion for all events via all media channels, on and off-line
  • Budgeting and financial planning & reporting
  • Equipment inventory and logistics: maintenance of equipment and timely transport to and recovery from event locations

The contracted service provider will be expected to take increasing levels of responsibility as the 2015 season progresses, reporting directly to the Board’s appointed representative and having ongoing support where required.

How to Tender for this Contract

Interested parties should submit a proposal of no more than 2000 words, to include:

  • Details of related experience and suitability as provider of Event Support & Delivery Services
  • A summary of the key challenges and opportunities facing UK kitesports participation at both competitive and recreational levels, between now and 2017
  • A summary of how they might address those challenges

Deadline for submissions: Friday 19th December 2014

Give your email the following subject line: ‘Event Support & Delivery Services’

Contact: [email protected]