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2011 Events Calendar

As promissed the BKSA events calendar for 2011 AGM-  Porthcawl- March 19thKiteival Freestyle Kitelandboard, Kitebuggy, Kitesurf , Race/Slalom Kitesurf , GPS Speed Kitesurf Redcar-  May... Read More

Speed Week

After a long drive from the final BKSA event in Blackpool  three wearykitesurfers, Dave Williams, renowned kite speed competitor, Gary Powell ofNorth West Kiteboarding and... Read More

Blackpool Kiteival

Dates – Oct 14th-17th Sponsors – Centrica, Visit Blackpool Tour Sponsors– Flexifoil, Ion, King of Watersports, Red Bull, Deadman Back to Blackpool for the 2nd... Read More

Kiteival Barrow

BKSA Kiteival Round 2 Barrow Sponsored by: Event partners:   August 6th-8th Location: Earnse Bay, Walney Island, Barrow, CumbriaLocation Sponsor: Adventure Capital and ERDFCo-Event Sponsor:... Read More