Channel Crossing

English Channel Crossing by Kite surf In Aid of Motor Neurone Disease Association

A team of 5 kite surfers will attempt to cross the English Channel by kite surf to raise funds and awareness for the disease that leads to a weakness and wasting of muscles, causing increased loss of mobility and difficulty with speech, swallowing and breathing.

Jamie Breakwell’s father contracted the disease in 2008, he wanted to raise awareness as well as funds for the MND association that is offering his father and many other sufferers and families vital support.

“I wanted to do something that would provide a challenge and involve a group of my friends, as we are all keen kite surfers it made sense to take on the channel crossing” Jamie said. “the crossing represents a great challenge with many dangers. We are crossing the busiest shipping channel in the world, there are many elements to take into account such as weather, equipment failure and of course fatigue”

The Attempt will take place late in April or May when the weather and tides are suitable.

The Crossing attempt has more details on its website:

More Details on Motor Neurone Disease Association can be found at: