Connor Endurance Race

The South West Association of Traction Kiting held the 5th annual Connor endurance event at Brean, on the Somerset coast, on Sunday 4 October 2015.   Conditions on the day were very hard with offshore winds that seemed to turn on and off like a light switch. This did not deter our pilots. An assortment of kites, buggies and Blokarts came out and they got on with it in teams of two and above.  As one team member is out racing the other is in the pits socialising, drinking tea and eating cake.

Congratulations to Barry Cook and Jay Taylor who won the race with a whopping 42.2 miles.

This event is held in joyful remembrance of a 13 year old member, Connor Moses, who sadly passed away from a terminal illness in 2010.  Connor loved  buggying with his granddad, Phil.   Although there is an element of competition this event is about FUN and enjoying our chosen sport.