Corona Virus Updated Advice

Let me be clear. We / I cannot TELL any of you what to do or how to behave during this very unique and challenging time. That is up to you and your discretion.

What we CAN do is give advice as to what we think will be most beneficial for us as a small group within the bigger wider community.

With this in mind we would like to advise you that STAYING AT HOME is the best and most diligent thing you can do right now. It might not be the most fun. And we all know how hard it is not to get out there on a sunny windy day.

We might not all fit into the vulnerable categories as you might consider yourself young and healthy. But I expect we all have or know of someone who might be elderly or vulnerable (I know I have), and I am sure you would all like to help and protect them if you could.

So our NEW and INCREASED advice to you all as sensible and kind people within our sport. STAY AT HOME as much as you can, don’t mix and interact with others directly.

WHAT ON EARTH CAN YOU DO during this unique time.

· Edit that go pro footage you have sitting around

· Read up on the latest…. We have some fab mags in our sport. Kiteworld, The kitemag and IKSURF are all UK owned and run by avid kitesurfers.

· Keep fit for kiting, that will improve your performance for when we can get back out there.

· Repair that ding, that rip, that leaky valve… we all have something that needs a tune up!

We will be trying to circulate and spread as much positivity and info to you our members, our school, our clubs in the coming weeks.

Hang in there everyone

Andy and the Whole BKSA TEAM