Country Tracks and Jodie kidd

Jodie Kidd the Model and former leader of the Top Gear “Star in the Reasonable Priced Car” race board, came to exmouth for a 2 day film shoot for BBC ‘Country Tracks’.

The team at Edge Watersports embarked on teaching Jodie to kitesurf in a few hours ! Fortunately Jodie not only had great kite skills, she also had the right mind set & given another hour with another 10 knots she would have been riding.

It was the full on shooting match with the main tabloids – showing their huge lenses & Steph & Eric trying hard to get the team to understand that they needed to get on with things before the wind dropped!

Lunch was one of the highlights with the camara men being stood in wasit deep water as we then tucked into sandwiches at the Pole sands teaching area.

I do not think we have seen the last of Jodie & we look forward to really getting her ripping!!!

The program will be aired in the next couple of months – news on dates coming shortly.