Amsterdam, April 2, 2013. Today the Dutch company “BoardDesign” released a new international website at http://kite.boarddesign.eu. In 2011, BoardDesign introduced a new concept for Dutch kiteboarders. This concept has proven to be a success in The Netherlands. BoardDesign is now expanding her market to other countries.

At BoardDesign, customers can design their own kiteboard. They can choose to do the entire designing process by themselves or they can let professional designers at BoardDesign assist them. BoardDesign doesn’t use stickers, but all graphics are printed in the factory under a coating. This coating will protect all graphics against scratches and wear. BoardDesign guarantees the quality of both board and graphics with a three-year warranty.

Kiteboarders from all over the world can now visit the new BoardDesign website at http://kite.boarddesign.eu to design their own unique kiteboard.