End of Year Results 08

BKSA End of Year Results and Prizegiving  

The final event of the Freestyle at Brighton also hosted  the end of year Prizegiving in all categories throughout the season at the Palm Court on the Brighton Pier on Saturday night. 

The venue was packed with 175 competiors, trade , family , friends and some World class stars ! The atmosphere was electric ! 

Aaron Hadlow 5 times PKRA World Champion was on hand to hand out the trophies to all concerned . 

Overall Results 

Speed – 

Mens- Dave Williams
Ladies – Jemma Grobalaar  

Wave –

Mens – Will Bennett
Ladies- Jacinta Perry
Juniors- Daniel Maurice
Seniors – 1= Gareth Morgan / Paul Stebbings  

Mens – Denzil Williams
Ladies – Steph Bridge
Juniors – Jack Shoulder
Seniors – Peter Whiteley 


Pro Men

1–     Lewis Crathernhttps://www.britishkitesports.org/images/newsimages/pro%20men.jpg
2-     Sam Light
3-     Ali Barrett 

Pro Ladies

1-     Helen Thompson
2-     Hannah Whiteley
3-     Nicky Rudd 

Amateur Men

1-     Mike Marsh
2-     Tom Butler
3-     Lewis Deaves 

Amateur Ladies

1-     Josie Robinson
2-     Holly Kennedy
3-     Sheryl Confue 


1-     Jack Shoulder
2-     Sam Moore
3-     Jack Daykin 


1-     Peter Whiteley
2-     Gary Powell
3-      Paul Maidment

All Results on BKSA website www.kitesurfing.org