End of Year Roundup and Results 2010

The end of year Prizegiving was held at the Venue at Cleveleys in Blackpool on Saturday 16th October

Approx 170 people attended the event and certainly dressed up for the prizegiving see the pictures below

Competitors, supporters and family had a lovely buffet with the prizegiving starting at 9pm.

Photo Gallery

BKSA 2010 Awards Ceremony – Images by Craig Sawyer


The 2010 Season

The Season was varied however produced enough wind to get results at most of the events – wow what a season – here is a brief wrap up:

Watergate – April 16th-18th

The weekend was unseasonably warm and the forecast was terrible however we managed to run two counting races in the light winds – really setting the bar at how light these guys could race in.

Redcar – May 21st-23rd

This was the first Kiteival event of the season – incorporating 4 disciplines – Kitelandboard, Kitebuggy, Kitesurf Freestyle and Kitesurf Race – Again winds were light and the Freestylers could barely perform however a round of Pro Ladies was run – however in all other classes in scorching conditions and good sea breezes a full set of results were achieved

Hunstanton- July 9th– 11th

This was the only standalone Freestyle KItesurfing comp of the season – combined in Lifestyles a multi- extreme sport and music festival. Despite scorching conditions on Friday and Saturday, Sunday dawned with wind and all the fleets got out and had great days of competition using 9m kites in the main

Barrow- August 6-8th

Back for the 4th year and Barrow this year for the 2nd Kiteival – again it blew on the Friday and Saturday allowing all fleets to have some great competition – again riders rode till it was dark – which was near on 10pm !

Poole- September  11th-12th

Animal Windfest always seems to be sunny – and this year we had wind for the racers achieving 8 races over the weekend – Saturday had a nice westerly while Sunday was bang offshore Northerly however they got out there with their 35 m lines and managed two races before the wind dropped and nearly everyone had to be rescued .

Ayr- September 17th-19th

This was a new event site for a BKSA Kiteival and riders were unsure – however it proved to be a true winner with an amazing backdrop of the town and beautiful Scottish scenery and a fantastic field for the landboard and buggies – highlight must be the kitesurfers on the Sunday having a go at all the landsports !

Brandon Bay , Ireland 21st-26th

The BKSA Wavemasters was held in Ireland and a record number of entrants came – 36 in total .
The waves never came to anything as epic however riders had a great time and all fleets got results with some great surfing on the last day to round it all off

Blackpool 14th-17th October

The last event of the season starting a day early so we can squeeze prizegiving onto Saturday night – again nice and windy on the Friday allowing all classes to run and a nice mellow day on the Saturday.

Full detailed reports including video and pictures  on all the above events can be found in the events section of the News items

Thanks to all our Sponsors this season and remember dates out for next years tour 15th January 2011

Final Results

Full points rankings: HERE

Open Race
1-Callum Edge
2-Denzil Williams
3-Steph Bridge

Freestyle Landboard
1-Jack Elston
2-Steve Smith
3-Ash Garwood

Junior Freetyle Kitelandboard
1-Greg Chilton
2-Robbie Shire Maidment 
3-Tom Ford

Freestyle Kitebuggy
1-Craig Sparkes
2-Dave Roberts
3-Will McKean

Freestyle Kitesurfing

1-Tom Bridge
2-Callum Asquith
3-Robbie Shire Maidment

1-Jack Daykin
2-Sam Bull
3-Will Makinson

1-Peter Whiteley
2-Richard Jones
3-Daniel Vaughan

Amateur Ladies
1-Danielle Durrant
2-Polly Crathorne
3-Chloe Durrant

Amateur Men
1-Marcus Hawkins
2-Peter Jones
3-Simon Light

Pro Ladies
1- Hannah Whiteley
2-Holly Kennedy
3-Nicky Rudd

Pro Men
1-Ned Taylor
2-Luke Whiteside
3-Ali Barratt

BKSA Wavemasters

1-Will Bennett
2-Richard Sills
3-Rob Sayer

1-Kirsty Jones
2-Debbie Kennedy
3-Celine Coulard

1-Richard Gowers
2-Trevor Hale
3-Marc Rowley