Exciting opportunities to help grow and develop kite sports in the UK

The British Kite Sports Association (​BKSA) i​s a not for profit governing body of all kite sports in The United kingdom and has the responsibility t​o promote safe and sustainable kite sports participation.​There are three core areas of the organisation, Training and Coaching, Events and Performance and Participation and Membership.

To support our 2016 plans we are seeking individuals for the following roles;

Grass Roots Programme Manager (& Kite sports Ambassador)

Responsible for the development and implementation of a grass route programme for children and to give participation opportunities throughout UK in taster land based sessions to cover various aspects associated with kite sports.

Communications Manager

A key role to help communicate the BKSA brand, vision and values and promote safe and sustainable kite sports activity in the UK. To deliver effective, engaging, multichannel communications to the kitesports community, kite industry and also to the wider population using the appropriate media.

Performance Manager

An exciting role responsible for i​dentifying talent amongst the potential high performance kitersurfers in the UK and creating support and development plans to build and enhance their skills. Establish key areas where coaching takes over from training and look at ways to distribute the coaching and performance model throughout the UK evenly.

Please read the following descriptions for each of the roles.
To apply please email a covering letter including relevant experience to

[email protected]

Closing date: 12th March 2016

Please see the PDF linked below for more details: