Exmouth Kitesurfing Youth Training

Jo Wilson Coaching alongside the BKSA established the Pro Kite Youth Training Program in August 2014.  It is set up to travel around the UK bringing youth kitesurfing training close to the home beaches of as many young people as possible.

We have just completed Round 2 of 4 which took place in Exmouth, Devon.  This is how the weekend went down.

Saturday produced some phenomenal conditions on the seafront with wind blowing around 18-22mph.  It is a wind against tide location in the mouth of the river Exe estuary which provides extremely flat water.  With the tide flow against the wind it meant that the young riders found it very easy to ride upwind no matter how many tricks they were throwing down.   The kite size of choice was mostly 7m kites, but Toby Cooke rode his 8m and Harry Way (current junior champion) took his 10m.  The program for this round was fully subscribed and we had 6 riders taking part.

The level of the riders varied from those who were mastering their first back rolls through to those who were starting unhooking or the highest level of rider who was busy cementing his surface handle passes.   Coaching this level of variety ensures everyone can feel pushed by each other as well as the coach.  It was a spectacular show and hard to believe so many young riders were on the water in any one place.  

There were two coaches – including myself and George Dufty.  George rides for Liquid Force International and is the British Champion from 2014.  We absolutely enjoyed every moment.

Coaching came in 3 main formats.

1.  Simple tips given to the boys from the shore while their kites were in the air

2. A series of trick demonstrations,

3. Follow my leader style coaching where George would ride along side the boys and perform the trick they were working on.  The rider following George would then copy.

Once back at the home ranch we could check out videos online completing one exhausting day of action.  Its safe to say the riders gave more then 100% of the efforts and went home tired that night!!

Day 2 we moved the event to a beach further west which had a stronger forecast.  The lighter riders were able to ride for around an hour allowing Stan to practise his unhooking technique and Toby to go for his handle pass.  The boys rode well, but the wind did not match the calibre of the day before.  Over the course of Sunday we ran land based simulations relating to each trick that the riders were working on, so that they could be ready with the tools to progress once back on their home surf.

In all, this event was fantastic to be a part of and made even more special because it is the home of the 3 Bridge Boys aka “The Bridglets’ from Edge Watersports.  Tom and Guy Bridge were on hand demonstrating their tricks right in amongst us all and joined us at our base over the course of the weekend.

Thanks to Edge Watersports for proving their incredible Beach House as our base.  



The Beach House

The content of the Pro Kite Youth Training Program varies from location to location.  The program is set up to help riders aged under 18 to improve in their level, but also learn how to ride more safely, train to be injury free and learn about life as a pro rider & competition.  Round 2 was particularly set up to help improve rider level and safety.

Round 3 of the Pro Kite Youth Training Program takes place in Hunstanton on the 18/19th August and will have more of a competition base format.  This event will be run from Hunstanton Sailing Club who also have a phenomenal set up to give a safe and secure base for the young riders.  This round lies right before the British Kite Championships.  At Hunstanton we will use the boat facilities to simulate deep water pack down training drills so if anyone ever gets caught out in the worse case scenario then they will have the knowledge to deal with it safely and effectively.  

To find out more about the Pro Kite Youth Training Program or take part then please contact [email protected].