Flysurfer and Flyboards have recently signed Maxtrack as their new distributor in the UK to help increase their presence on the kiting scene.

Flysurfer stands for innovation and straightforwardness. Customer satisfaction is our main goal during our quest to push the limits of our products even further. Flysurfer has become the synonym for bridled ram-air kite systems for water use in just a few years. From the beginning, Flysurfer has fought for its own path, although that certainly wasn’t the easiest way to go, it has proven to be the right one. Flysurfer builds no-pump kites, with exceptional depower technology, efficiency, ease of use and made in high quality according to German engineering guidelines.

With the PSYCHO4 for example Flysurfer have incorporated Triple-Depower Technology in their kites, combining 3 different ways of depowering into 1 kite, through angle-of-attack change, profile change and the ability to change from an SLE to a C shape. This creates an enormous wind range with only 1x kite! Further benefit of this technology is that when kiting overpowered you still have direct bar feedback. Jet-Flap Technology is incorporated in all models and ensures you more lift and stability. Instant relaunch makes for an easy and fast water-relaunch, by just pulling 1 backline, Flysurfer kites relaunch within seconds. Double skin profiles are being used, creating very efficient kites, which can be flown 1 size smaller than SLE kites.

 Flyboards is the board brand of Flysurfer, developed by passionate shaper Eddy Lansink and measured, calculated and tested through at Flysurfer headquarters, these boards go hand-in-hand with the performance of Flysurfer kites, incorporating some new board innovations like 3D flex control and asymmetric outlines. Recent podium places at the KPWT Freestyle prove that these boards are able to perform!

 New team riders, both water and land based are now being searched for to help represent Flysurfer and Flyboards across the UK. There are no set skills or tricks required – just someone who has an interest in the products and a passion for kiting. Anyone interested should contact Maxtrack on [email protected]

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