Foiling Futures Two – A Start on the Olympic Pathway?

The British Kite Sports Association (BKSA) and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) have partnered to create a new
programme to help young sailors learn to kitefoil and take part in their first kitefoil races.

For those that show aptitude for this class of racing, this is a stepping stone for qualification to the British Youth Squad
and international competition.
Anyone can apply, whether you have previous dingy sailing or kitesurfing experience.

Application requirements
Basic kitesurfing skills – waterstart and ride back and forth across the wind
The BKSA has a network of kitesurf schools around the UK that can help you learn this skills
Ultimately you will need your own kites once you start the program but we’ll have board/foils you can rent if you don’t bring your own.

What will you learn?
First runs on a kitefoil
Introduction to core techniques – gybes, foot changes and tacks
Key skills for completing a kitefoil race
Additional kite skills across foils, twintips and surfboards
Goals and session plans set for practice between training camps

What is Kitefoil Racing
It’s the newest sailing discipline to be added to the Paris 2024 Olympics
Races take 10-15 minutes, with sailors travelling at speeds of 20-35 knots!
Existing dingy sailors can get a head start as existing sailing/racing experiencing are all transferable

When is it?

  • June 17th/18th – Poole
  • July 8th/9th – Poole
  • August 12th/13th – Weymouth
  • August 21st/22nd – Weymouth
Foiling Futures II Poster

How do I get Involved
We are asking you to commit to a minmimum of three out of the four weekend traing camps with a discount incentive to attend all four camps.
You can register by clicking the button below..