Girlie camps

Girlie camps in Fuerteventura

A week full of fantastic surf, brilliant surf instructors, wonderful Girlies, sun, crazy party tricks and Swedish snaps songs. It couldn´t be better!

Living in such a nice place with a view out over the ocean made it easy to like it from the first second. Everyday we got picked up by Alex and Greg our instructors from Flagbeach Surf Center and went off to different beaches. Playa Blanca, Cotillio, Playa Norte, Flagbeach. We paddled, got slammed, surfed and had so much fun!

We had competitions going on on the beach, where the girls competed in “Best style on the water”, “Best slam”, “Bravest girl in the water”. Not very surprised, the girls were stoked for the prizes from our partner Roxy and they where defiantly worth it for their contribution in the water.

“ Best slam” went to Isabel Venneman that chocked us all when she paddled out in the big waves and went for the BIG waves. She got slammed, but hell yeah she tried!

“Bravest Girlie in the water” with the winner Barbara Dabrowska.

Not everyone can go for the big waves! Barbara did a lot of progress in the water, on the water, under the water and decided to stick with snowboarding in the future.

“Best style on the water” went to Tintin Decker. She was catching the waves with a lot of style and smile on her face. Girlie likes that!

The rest of the Girlies should have a prize as well cause they are amazing.

After surf we hung out in the small village of Corralejo. Had a coffee down by the beach walk, went eating together, drank a beer or two and did some serious shopping.

Thanks to “Kings” shop we all got a discount and could go wild in the shop. One of those shops you just can´t leave without having a bag with you.

Down by the harbor we found a place called Café Lounge. The crew there just made our mondays! We struggled to find the way to their Aussie BBQ but once we were there you get everything you can dream of to eat, and special made pink Girlie shots for the girls. Great!

We spent some nights in a bar called Board riders and had some crazy party nights at a karaoke bar called Flicks.

Fuerteventura gives you sun every day! Beaches with white sand, clear turquoise water and perfect waves. Volcanos, desert, empty beaches. It´s an amazing environment and place for surf, kite surf and wind surf, and when you see all these colorful kites in the air it just makes you wanna try out all the water sports there is! Thanks to our partner Flagbeach Surf Center, Ben with crew for this amazing week! Many of us found friendships for life and a reason to visit Corralejo, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Swiss and Sweden. Girlie Camps will come back to Fuerteventura again in September. Hope to see you there! Maria Nillius