GO-Joe: leashless board retrieval, discounts for schools.

Traditional surfboard leashes have proven to be dangerous on water and land and any type of leash can cause impediments.

The GO-Joe is a ‘leash free’ tool to assist in the retrieval of your kiteboard without fear of being impacted by a leashed board after a spill. The GO-Joe is perfect for beginners and intermediates learning board recovery techniques, and for schools who want to minimise the time their students spend retrieving their boards. Advanced riders taking on crossings and open water sailing in rough conditions will appreciate the faster board recovery too.

The GO-Joe simply bolts into the grab handle inserts on your board, your grab handle will still fit, and is inflated with your kite pump. The special ‘hourglass’ shape flips your board over even when it lands foot-straps down, and reduces drag from spray from the board rails. When you lose your board, the GO-Joe acts as a sail and blows the board downwind to you, you just need to park your kite at 12 o’clock and wait for it to arrive.

The GO-Joe retails at £59, ready to fit to your board and comes in a range of colours to stand out against your riding environment.

Schools and centres should get in touch with Ocean Rodeo to receive special discounts on the GO-Joe and other schools equipment.

Contact: [email protected]

For a video of the GO-Joe in action, check out www.oceanrodeo.com/kiting/go_joe