Hannah rips at PRKA Germany

Hannah Whitely gives us the latest on whats shes been up to.

I decided this year I was going to do just one of PKRA world events.  The Germany stop in St Peter Ording is the biggest event the PKRA  hold, so I choose to do this one. I wasn’t the only one who decided to  do this event, a phenomenal amount of girls and guys entered, which  was great. We had to do pre qualifiers heats to get into the main  event, which rarely happens.

My qualifying heat went well against Therese Taabbel that put me  straight into the main event. The conditions where rather challenging,  there was a strong current in the choppy water and the wind was gusty  and strong. In the main event I got knocked out by Bruna kajiya pretty  early on in the single elimination. So I just had to wait for the  double elimination as that was my second chance to come back and try  to kick some ass. I won a fair few heats in a row in the double  elimination and came 5th overall. My favorite heat of the event was my  last one against Asia Litwin for 4th and 5th place. The kiting  conditions where a lot better, the sun came out and I kited my best. I  was pleased my 5th place. For me it’s all about enjoying my heats and  feeling that I have tried my best. Thats what makes me happy and  driven in kitesurfing.



I would like to thank the PKRA and all my great sponsors; The BKSA,  Wainman Hawaii, Chiemsee, Prolimit, Expix and Kiteitright.