Hannah wins Kiteloop Comp

Kite Tour Europe GermanyThe 1st stop of the European Kitesurfing Tour was held in the beautiful German island, Sylt. We arrived by train to the island, the weather was gorgeous! So hot and sunny, it didn’t feel like we arrived in Europe! The event started on Tuesday with light winds, not enough for freestyle, so course races where run, mean while the rest of us enjoyed chilling in the sun, trampling and shopping for a couple of days.

The freestyle kicked off on Thursday, there were really strong winds, cloudy gray sky’s, and the waves were huge! The single elimination for the freestyle begun. It was such a challenge kiting in these conditions. If you crashed your kite, it got eaten up by the waves and you where finished! My 1st heat did not go so good, I didn’t compete well, I was way to over powered on my kite. I got knocked out straight away in the singles! I was gutted! I knew I could have done so much better! 

The next day the double elimination for the freestyle was run. I was all fired up, this was my 2nd chance to do well! My 1st heat went much better and I won. My 2nd went OK too and I won, so did my 3rd. I continued winning six heats in a row! I was very tired on my 6th heat against Asia Litwin I had little energy, no time to recover from my pervious heats. I did not perform my best and Asia kited really well so she advanced. This meant I finished up with a 4th place overall in the freestyle, which I am happy with. It was hard work coming up from last place! Friday night every one hit the town and partied hard! 

Saturday the kite loop contest was on. It was perfect strong winds for mega looping and the the waves where huge kickers to launch off! I went out fully powered on my 7m Wainman Gypsy kite. It was great fun going big! And amazing to watch the guys doing crazy big loops. I won my 1st heats and progressed into the Ladies final with Ines Correia from Portugal. It went good and I won! I was really pleased and happy to win the kite loop competition! 🙂 Saturday night was our last night in Germany so there was no other option than to party again! Yippppie. It was a fun night and ended up in Mc Donall’s at 5am! 

Next up is Italy for the 2nd round of the Kite Tour Europe which starts in 4 days! Can’t wait to be kiting in board shorts and bikini! Apparently there is going to be a swimming pool in the riders lounge too!! Woooop! Bring it on!