Hayle Kitesurf Ban Lifted

The ban on kitesurfing at the Hayle estuary has been lifted on a trial basis from June 1st.   Kitesurfers will have to adhere to a code of conduct, have suitable insurance and pay for an annual permit.  The partial lifting of the ban is a result of fresh discussion between the new harbour master Mark Capon, the Kernow Kitesurfing Club (KKC) the BKSA and other harbour users.  The ban was imposed 3 years ago when the activity was deemed to be hazardous to boats navigating the narrow harbour entrance.

 Steve Townsend of KKC said “this is a significant step forward and we are delighted that the new harbour master has reviewed the previously unsatisfactory situation. Although the new code of conduct is a compromise it does give the kitesurfing community an opportunity to prove that the sport can take place happily alongside other commercial and recreational activities.”

Hayle is recognised as one of the finest kitesurfing spots in the country.  Five times world champion Aaron Hadlow began his astonishing career practicing on the tidal pools here.  Steve said “we are hopeful in the future we will be able to have a longer activity window.  For now we just need to prove that this licensing agreement can work and we really need a few more people to represent the club at Hayle to make sure everything is running smoothly.  We would like to hear from local kiters who can represent the club on the beach and in doing so will be helping to secure our long term future at this great venue”

The key elements of the agreement are: 

  • Any person kitesurfing within the jurisdiction of the Hayle Harbour Authority must be a member of the British Kite Surfing  Association (BKSA) and must wear a valid Bluff permit tag on their harness.
  • All kitesurfers MUST keep at least 100m away from AND turn away from all vessels using the channel.
  • No kitesurfing within 3 hours of High Water (as given by the UKHO for St Ives).
  • No kitesurfing at any time south of Chapel Anjou where there is a large 5 knot speed restriction sign.
  • All kitesurfers must be at intermediate level or above; no learning or teaching.

The permits will cost £5 for members of the KKC, £10 for non-members, and run from 1st April each year.  These will be available from Lodey Sails in Long Rock, RB Sails in Hayle and West Country Watersports in Truro.

Lee Harvey   (KKC Chairman) 07814501920

KKC website   www.kernowkitesurfclub.co.uk

Hayle Harbour Management Ltd  01736 754043

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