Hayling Island

Havant Borough Council have asked us to share the latest info on accessing the beach …

With the weather set to improve once again Havant Borough Council would like to remind visitors to Hayling Island to stay alert and stay safe.

With social distancing you can enjoy your time outdoors, and if you choose to visit the beach the council wants to ensure all beach-goers enjoy their visit safely.

Parking correctly is paramount to ensure everyone’s visit gets off to an enjoyable start. Make sure you are in the correct area for what you would like to do during your visit.

There is currently restricted parking in the West Beach area, because the revetments are being removed, so we kindly ask that motorists use the parking at Beachlands central and to the west of the area up to the Inn on the Beach.

Pay and display is enforced at all times. Motorists not wishing to touch the machines can register with RingGo, details are also available on all ticket machines.

Depending on what you would like to do once you are on the island, Hayling boasts three miles of coast, so there is plenty of room for everyone.

If your visit is for general seaside fun, the beach between Beachlands funfair and the Inn on the Beach is best. This area has a dedicated bathing zone for swimmers, and is marked by floating buoys. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are not permitted in this area.

Whilst the use of inflatables is not restricted it is advised these are not used owing to strong cross tides.

Dogs are also not allowed within this area of the beach at any time, but they are welcomed in all other areas.

If you are intending to enjoy watersports:

  • Kitesurfing is offered at Chichester Avenue beach area and only through CBK at West Beach.
  • Windsurfers can launch anywhere, but for safety reasons must not enter the bathing zone.
  • Stand-up paddleboards and kayaks can launch from any part of the beach – with no restrictions.
  • Jet skis are not permitted within the bathing zone and for safety reasons should stay at least 300 yards offshore.

We are looking into the by-laws around horse-riding on Hayling seafront to find a way to keep everyone on the beach safe and happy.

The exercising of horses is currently restricted to before 10am and after 7pm. Horses are not allowed in the bathing zone (between Beachlands funfair and the Inn on the Beach) at any time. We kindly ask that riders observe safe riding and respect other beach users.

Toilets are open during the day; please ensure you always adhere to social distancing and hand washing when using these facilities.

Once your day is over, please only leave your footprints on our beaches and not your litter. Bins are provided and emptied regularly. If you come across a bin that is full please do not leave your litter next to it, please take your rubbish home with you.

Motorhomes and campervans are not permitted to stay overnight.