Helen Norris joins Flexifoil

Helen Norris joins the Flexifoil Team   Earlier this month saw up and coming Freestyle Buggier Helen Norris join the Flexifoil Buggy team for helen buggy2014.   Helen has really made a name for herself through 2013 progressing extremely fast in the world of freestyle.   Helen has always been an adrenaline junky, loving outdoor sports. She saw kite buggying on the beach and thought she must give it a go. Her first experience of flying a kite was on a 6.5 Blade lV and she didn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. Helen got a bit carried away and started looping the kite thinking about what she could do next with kiting. Within a month she started to build up her kite collection. Now Helen has a quiver of Blades and a Flexifoil buggy and has never looked back.

She loves to hit the beach with friends, flying through the air in her buggy, performing tricks airborne and flatland. It’s never failed to bring a smile to her face, even when she’s only 2 inches off the floor. Currently, her favourite trick is reverse 360/540 Aerials.

Helen lives in Cardiff and her local spots include Aberavon, Swansea and Pembrey beaches. However, she tries to follow the conditions which take her all over the country and to France. When she’s not kiting, Helen is a children’s community nurse and holds a degree in paediatric nursing.

Helen is always looking for her next challenge and would like to think that by next year she will have mastered 720 rotations, all types of inverts and many more tricks as well as entering competitions.

There are not many tricks that Helen has not yet been able to master.   Keep an eye out for Helen in 2014.   http://www.flexifoil.com/team/helen-norris