Holly finishes 5th in World

Report by Holly Kenndy from Troon, Scotland

The final stop of the PKRA World Championships was held on the Goldcoast of Australia.

The event was 8 days long and the programme was very full. However, there was only one day and a half of wind!

The whole week it rained and lots of grey clouds lingered above our heads.

I decided to participate in every category that was on 🙂

We started the wave competition when the wind was on the edge. I thought it would be very fun as I have never properly been riding in the waves and it was really cool

I was in the heat with Kristn Boese and Shannon Ducker so the 3 of us were on our largest kites (mine being 12m North Vegas (rocks!) ) . I caught a few waves and came in 2nd behind Kristin. 

Two days later we had a lovely day with sun and wind! So we got the single elimination freestyle started.I came in joint 5th  in the singles, unfortunately there was no wind the rest of the week so we could not do the double elimination.

I thought the event on the Goldcoast was very well organised and the place itself was nice. 

So overall for 2010 I came 6th in the World. I am really happy with this seeing as I never competed at every event (only a few!) and it was my first time trying the World Cup competitions.

I really enjoyed the  events that I went to and was a great experience. I hope to train hard now and come back even better next year ! 🙂 

Thanks to my sponsors- North Kiteboarding, Airbound Apparel and BKSA