Holly Kennedy Thailand

Leaving Perth having had an awesome training trip there, I was really excited to hit Thailand for the first PKRA of the year.

Sadly on my last day in Australia it was super strong winds and I went out kitelooping and took one massive crash on my ribs. It was so painful! I had not broken them but the pain was there everyday.

This meant I arrived in Thailand injured!

I arrived there one day before the comp and there was a little bit of wind. However, I decided not to kite and rest my ribs. I took advantage of the amazing Thai massages and delicious food.

The weather was very hot and humid for the first few days then the “Thai Storm” hit us.

We had 2 days of wind with rain and it was really cold! The wind came from the North , it was cross-offshore and very gusty!  


We managed to start the singles and I rode my 12m Vegas and worked to 4th place! So stoked! The next day we ran the doubles and my first heat for 5th/4th place or higher was against Asia Litwin. Unfortunately in the first few minutes of my heat I unhooked but got suddenly lifted by a strong gust and came down hard twisting my foot.

I knew it was not right so I got ice on it and you could see it was swollen and very bruised but I could still walk a bit. I ended up 5th in the doubles which Is still nice but I hope to keep getting better.

I’m now on my way home- really looking forward to see my family and friends! ( Have not seen them in 4 months!) I will also rest my foot this week and hope to be back on track for Dakhla.


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